How it works

We believe that buying a home starts with choosing the right neighbourhood. Find your neighbourhood helps you choose a neighbourhood that fits Your Lifestyle and Your Preferences in 3 easy steps
Findyourneighbourhood - Select Basic Filters

Step 1: Select Basic Filters

  • Select a Province.
  • Choose a Municipality/ies that you would want to live in (Optional)
  • Select your budget.
  • Choose structure type (Optional)
For example, Jane and Joe Smith are prospective home buyers. They have lived in Ontario for sometime now and have decided to buy a home. So, they select Ontario as their choice for Province and leave the Municipality filter blank to cast a wide net. Their budget is 800K and they prefer a townhouse.

Step 2: Choose Lifestyle Preferences

Choose up to 5 preferences in order of importance from the many lifestyle filters.
For Example, The Smith’s want to avoid buying a car because of the high insurance cost and want to leverage the public transit system. They have 2 young kids Lisa and Mark. The Smiths need a good daycare for Lisa while Mark will be attending primary school. So, their top 3 filters are
Transit Score –
Daycare –
Primary Schools –
Findyourneighbourhood - Choose Lifestyle Preferences
Findyourneighbourhood - Review Top Neighbourhoods

Step 3: Review Top Neighbourhoods

  • FYN will provide you with the top neighbourhoods that match all your criterias
  • You can review neighbourhood reports with in-depth details on nearby schools, daycares, grocery stores, hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants, bars, cafes, walkscore, bike and transit score, value change and other important real estate statistics about the neighbourhood.
  • Once you narrow down on a few neighbourhoods then you can start looking at listings in those neighbourhoods.
Findyourneighbourhood can also help you choose a Real estate agent in that neighbourhood.

Step 4: Find Real Estate Agents

At FYN we believe that the right Real Estate Agent can add tremendous value to your home buying journey. You can choose and contact agents, who specializes1 in and around your neighbourhood, directly through the webapp.
Findyourneighbourhood -  Find Real Estate Agents
1. Agents on our webapp have selected neighbourhoods based on their self –claimed expertise on those neighbourhoods. Findyourneighbourhood restricts number of neighbourhoods an agent can pick as their expertise, to promote wise decision-making while selecting neighbourhoods. Findyourneighbourhood bears no responsibility in verifying agent’s claim…