About Us

Our mission is to help Homebuyers make informed decisions that sometimes may last a lifetime.
Find Your Neighbourhood ('FYN') is our first step in helping consumers make a truly informed decision in the 21st century.
We believe that buying a home is more than just selecting a house. It’s about the lifestyle you will thrive in whether it’s a bustling city or the quiet of a suburb. It’s about the neighbourhood conveniences that you value whether it’s proximity to schools, parks or grocery stores. More importantly it's about people that you will be calling neighbours whether its young families that you want your family to grow with or a native language speaking community that help your parents to socialize. You don’t choose your siblings, but you can choose thy neighbours!!
With FYN we are on our way to develop a one stop solution for all your needs during the most important purchase of your life. We want to simplify and organize your house buying journey by finding you a great neighbourhood which suits your personality and lifestyle preferences, by helping you connect with the right professionals you need during this journey and then also helping you organize your move to the new home with post purchase service recommendations in your area.
As a first step towards that integrated platform, we currently offer a tool that will allow you to pick a neighbourhood first, provide you with all essential information about that neighbourhood such as schools, daycare, healthcare, transit scores, walk scores, bike scores, average incomes, languages spoken and much more (Try the free 1-month access). Once you have narrowed your search to a few neighbourhoods, you can then look at the listings in and around those neighbourhoods and select top real estate agents who specialize in that area to help you choose a house.
FYN was founded in 2020 by two Schulich roommates while going through their own home buying journey which left them craving for more out of the process. As a result of their journey, they decided to tackle the opaque world of Canadian real estate. FYN is their first humble attempt in turning the tables in consumer’s favour by empowering consumers with information and choice. The founders are excited for the day when they can present you, the Homebuyer, with an end-to-end solution on all aspects of home buying. A solution that will hopefully leave you content and not craving for more on your biggest purchase of life.